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my goal for this week:

get back into the groove of working and FOCUS.
get back into form and persevere in whatever i do.

i realised that i was trying too hard to be emotionally stable for the past few weeks since schnew year started cos it was my secret new year resolution since my last breakdown. there were seriously times when i was upset, like deep inside i know, yet to prove to myself that i could be emotionally stable, i actly tried to convince myself that i was so happy and unaffected by anything upsetting. like could you believe it, i was smiling at something that would have made me cry in the past, and while i was smiling, i could feel my heart tearing. 

be true to yourself. it’s no big deal having ups and downs. so what if people keeps calling me an emotionally unstable freak 

im gonna come back to reality this time. watch me.


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Frankly, I’m busy. And surely I don’t like it. Yup. This usually last for a few months. But thankfully, I’m mentally calm. I try to stick to my usual routine even sometimes feel like damned exhausted. It’s true. You have to challenge yourself to stay motivated.

Sometimes I feel like nobody understands me. At this point, I prefer to remain silent. It’s true. I’m the one who tend to be silent when emotion is unstable. Many people told me that it’s wiser to let it out. I guess I lack of self esteem. I always refer me as a simple and not-so-special person.

Today, I feel so down like don’t want to talk to anyone. The new year just begun. But why I so uninspired? If life consists of ups and downs, now I’m at the bottom.

Emotion is just a state of mind. Hopefully, the feeling subside.. 😦

Laksa Penang, Kesukaan Saya

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Onto the mixture is poured a steaming hot curry soup that is sour and thick with fish meat. A spoonful of fish paste (heh-kor) is provided for those who favour the addition. While for decades, Penangites and visitors only knew this variety version was subsequently introduced as an alternative.

Laksa Penang

Apart from breakfast, laksa time is almost every time for some Penangites lunch, tea, dinner or supper. And whilst this ubiquitous meal is available at most of the hawker complexes or coffee shops in the city centre of George Town and in the surburbs, the discerning enthusiast would prefer to go to one of three places.

If you are in the city, the stall at Lorong Selamat off Macalister Road is a premium choice. It sells laksa at tea time and both the sour and lemak varieties are available.

The sour variety is piquant yet “sharp” while the lemak alternative is rich yet not too heavy on the stomach. A generous spray of chilli powder and/or spoonful of chilli oil is available upon request for those who enjoy the hot challenge. At RM3.00 a bowl and 50 sen extra for an additional fish to add more body, the price appears slightly on the high side but it is value for money.

For years, the market- place in Ayer Itam, has been the place locals congregate to enjoy their laksa. The quality has been consistently the same through the years, the inevitable hot surroundings adding perhaps to the challenge of the flaming hot laksa.

True to old tradition, only the sour variety, perhaps enhanced by many slices of tamarind slices is available at the price of RM2.00 per bowl; visitors and tourists are sometimes known to have slurped up this laksa with relish, go for an extended walk at the Temple grounds, then return for a second round. Myself, on the other hand, could have up to 4 bowls in a day (it’s not that big a portion, really).

No visitor who “knows” her laksa would miss that in Balik Pulau for the world. But I don’t usually go there because it’s so far, lah! The corner coffee shop opposite the T-junction leading into the main and only street of Balik Pulau houses the most popular laksa stall in the village. Both varieties match in quality. The sour variety has maintained its sharp yet exciting flavour and aroma over the years and the fish content is thick yet smooth.

If the lemak variety is not so popular, it could be because the patrons, especially those from the village, have been too used to the original sour recipe which is so much a trademark of Balik Pulau laksa as it is known over the years and as it was known decades back. If you are in a quandary about what to choose, either take one of each or simply have a half and half. At the price of RM1.70 a bowl (can you believe it?!! But I am sure it is more than that, now, since the price hike of petrol and electricity), it is still a steal for value.

While consistency is the hallmark of excellent food, the introduction of extra frills may only serve to heighten the spicy sensation on the taste buds. Hence, the spray of chilli powder and the spoonful of chilli oil are recent arrivals but they may well be the subtle and ultimate oomph for some.

I could have Penang laksa everyday if there is one even close to its standard here in Johor Bahru. Really. 🙂

Characteristics Of A Great Partner

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What do you look into your partner? What do you expect form him/her? Every person has an image of their partner in their minds and think that their partner should be loving, considerate, joyful, have a great sense of humour and should love them crazily. Following are a few things that one always tries to search in their partner and which not only makes a great partner but also are the characteristics of a great relationship.

Someone who is caring and honest.

Someone who laughs with you and cries with you and is there for you at all the times.

Someone who truly listens to what you say and understands that though listening is a key, but using what is heard is even more important.

Someone who knows what you want before you say it.

Someone who respects you for what you are and does not flatter you unnecessarily.

Someone who is open and responsive and with whom you can confide in like a friend.

Someone who is never critical and ill tempered and knows how to compromised in the relationship.

Someone who loves you with all his heart.

Someone who likes everything that you do.

Someone with whom you have many common interests to share.

Someone who is trustworthy and who will risk his/her life for you.

Someone who takes time to listen and enjoy you for who you are and tries not to make you something else.

Someone that has a personality with qualities you don’t have yourself, but admire greatly in them.

Someone who loves the stupid stuff you do without making fun of you.

Someone who appreciates your food even if it is not tasty but loves it because you have worked so hard to prepare it.

Someone who can make you happy when you are sad.

Someone who tells you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it.

Someone who is a sweet, romantic person who cherishes you no matter what.

Someone who knows you’re not perfect but treats you as though you are.

Someone who is a great person and a great lover!

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I try very hard to be right. Everything I do, with respect to meditation, life in general, my health etc, there is a subconscious fear of making a ‘mistake’. The fear of making a mistake and a desire to do the right thing are very strong.

This fear-desire manifests itself in many ways – trying to find the right way to meditate, avoiding ‘mistakes’ while meditating, seeking to right everything that’s perceived as wrong in the body, finding the right person to marry and so on and so forth.

This fear-desire creates a tremendous amount of stress and tension.

I realize that true meditation is about observing the thinker as well as the thought, and realizing that there is no observer. That the observer is the observed. That the ego is the mind. That the experiencer is the experienced. That experiences, internal or external are just another source of stimuli for awareness.
What about emotions […]

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im s0ooooooo tensed right now…..arrrggghhhhh…..

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People retaliate for many reasons. They are hurt due to one’s actions, and respond in doing the same, so he or she knows how it feels to be done upon them. The cycle then continues. Everyone keeps hurting everyone because they too want to “retaliate”. Is it important to know who started it first? Why can’t we just stop, try to communicate, rather than retaliate? If communication was so easy to understand and practice, everyone would be living in a peaceful world, sadly it’s more complicated than something as simple as 1+1=2. People get offended through communication. Communications are often misquoted and misinterpreted. People judge you from the things you say, they use it against you. So you figure the only way the other person will understand and learn, is if they experience the same thing you do, hence you retaliate. But, how effective is this method? It could end up with a series of retaliation that builds up more grieve and bitterness. It must stop. But, how?

I hate fights, not because I care what people think of me, and that I want everyone to LOVE me. I hate fights because it transmits too much negative vibes. Negative vibes that follow you wherever you go, and with whatever you do. Family and friends are not just “people”, they are those who mean a lot to me, and I hate fights with them, because I care about them. I intend to have them stay in my life, for as long as they don’t mind being in it.