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My Sister’s Keeper

Posted in Movie, Sekadar Renungan on August 27, 2009 by sweetylittlebooboo

my sister's keeper

Last 2 days I watched this movie on DVD, but now I wanna shared it with everybody about the reviews. From beginning to end, this film is a weeper. Based on Jodi Picoult’s best-seller, it tells the story of a family coping with their teenage daughter’s leukemia. The mother (Cameron Diaz) is so obsessed with doing everything possible to keep her daughter, Kate (Sofia Vassilieva), alive, that she and her husband (Jason Patrick) went so far as to conceive another child genetically engineered to be a donor for her sister. When Kate needs a kidney transplant, Anna (Abagail Breslin), now 11, visits an attorney (Alec Baldwin) to sue for medical emancipation: she wants to make her own medical decisions. She does not want to be forced to donate a kidney. Patrick and Diaz create a believable couple—a couple who are in crisis along with their dying daughter. I did have some trouble believing that a mother would consider forcing one child to donate a kidney to the other with no thought to the consequences. I just had to accept that she was so focused on keeping Kate alive that she didn’t really think about the effect on Anna, or on anyone else in the family. Breslin, so adorable in Little Miss Sunshine, is turning into an accomplished actor. We were also impressed with Vassilieva. Director Nick Cassavetes seems to have a fondness for tear-jerkers. One critic commented that My Sister’s Keeper requires more Kleenex than his previous weeper-hit, The Notebook. He’s a creative filmmaker and tries his best to bring some depth to the film, but the story is anything but subtle and fights him at every turn. I must admit, though, that I’m not immune to manipulation. I went into my purse for Kleenex several times. But from the opening to the closing credits, I felt manipulated and so did Gary. Although the film is beautifully photographed and acted, we can’t grade it higher than a B-. If you are in need of a good cry, or if you are a fan of the novel, you‘ll probably want to see My Sister‘s Weeper—sorry, that’s Keeper. GRADE B-


my best friend’s girl

Posted in Movie with tags , on January 2, 2009 by sweetylittlebooboo

Plot : A guy hiring a professional to break the girl of his dream’s heart to make him look good.



I heard about this movie through the radio the other day when i was driving back home and so i came back and watched the trailer on YouTube and i find it pretty interesting.

The story goes like this, Tank (Dane Cook) who is a professional heart breaker whose job is to be an asshole in order to make his client look superficially good usually for an ulterior motive. Dustin (Jason Biggs) who lives in the same apartment as Tank is in love with Alexis (Kate Hudson) but she doesn’t like Dustin like how he does her. At wit’s end, he hired Tank for his professional service and subsequently, both Tank and Alexis fell in love subconsciously. Dustin found out that his friend, Tank double crossed him and demanded him to moved out.

Tank then realizes that he actually cherished his friendship more than his relationship with Alexis after consulting his dad and so he sabotaged everything he has worked on so far one night in Alexis’ sister’s wedding. Dustin then came to crush the party and announced to everyone who attends the party who Tank really is and then Tank confessed about his “hobby” and also pointed out to the crowd who was his customers including the bridegroom. Dustin then found out what real reason to all of Tank’s doing and then became friends again and he gave Tank the green light to go for Alexis.

How the show ends is pretty much predictable but what you are actually looking at in this movie is how it builds up all the way to the climax of this show. It’s very entertaining of course but there are too many parts that are censored in the cinema. What you see in the trailer, you might not be able to see it in the cinema and that is very disappointing because what they censored is the important parts which links everything together.

It’s a good show, plenty to laugh. Whatever it is, catch the DVD copy of this show because they are not censored and i’m sure you will yield more enjoyment watching it than in the cinema. I wouldn’t recommend you to go and watch in the cinema, that’s for sure but if you cannot wait, beats me