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Wonder Girls : Nobody

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Dedicated to my “selingkuh” partner…

You Know I still Love You Baby.
And it will never change.

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

nan sirheunde wae nal mireonaeryeogo hani jakku naemareun deutji anko
wae ireoke dareun namjaege nal bonaeryeo hani eotteoke ireoni

nal wihae geureotan geu mal
neon bujokhadaneun geu mal
ijen geumanhae neon nareul aljanha wae wonhajido annneungeol gangyohae

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

nan joheunde nan haengbokhande neoman isseumyeon dwae deo baralge eomneunde
nugul mannaseo haengbokharan geoya nan neol tteonaseo haengbokhal su eobseo

nal wihae geureotan geu mal
neon bujokhadaneun geu mal
mari an doeneun mariran geol wae molla niga eobsi eotteoke haengbokhae

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don’t want nobody body body.I don’t want nobody body
naneun jeongmal niga animyeon niga animyeon sirtan mallya a~

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
modeunge neomuna kkumman gatatdeon geuttaero doragago sipeunde
wae jakku nareul mireonaeryeo hae
Why do you push me away.
I don’t want nobody nobody
Nobody nobody but you


Aquarius Horoscope 2010

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This 2009 have come to the end, the new year of 2010 will come just about a few more days…im browsing some articles in the web, suddenly i read bout my astrology for 2010….haha…i wanna share it with u all….

Rebuilding and realigning emotionally are your key issues this year with Saturn, the planet of hard, cold reality, in your 4th House of Roots and Foundations. Problems at home or in establishing a sense of safety and security can be resolved by reflecting on how you reached this point. Looking deeply into your personal history can be a painful process. Opening up old wounds may be the last thing you want to do. But this work, when done in a compassionate manner, will make you stronger and create a more solid foundation upon which to build your future. With the power of your own insightfulness or the support of a counselor or therapist, you can unravel knots that have inhibited the flow of your full creative potential. Regardless of the limits of the people closest to you or the barriers you encounter professionally, you have the capacity to turn the course of your life in a more fulfilling direction. This is not a process that can be rushed, because slow-moving Saturn in systematic Virgo requires changes of habit that can’t be completed overnight. Taking small steps can test your patience, but consistent patterns of healthy self-awareness will eventually add up to a giant leap of consciousness that expands your opportunities for success.Generous Jupiter is not giving away the store this year. This outgoing planet is somewhat restrained in practical and goal-oriented Capricorn, and its passage through your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources is a graduate-level course in the meaning of relationships. Being clear about your goals in a partnership is essential, since anything less than a well-defined purpose can limit the benefits you collect. You receive the emotional and material rewards of joining forces when you know what you want and establish a plan to get it. In return, you need to commit to doing the hard work necessary to earn and keep the trust of others. If you are not willing to stick around when the going gets tough with someone, it may be wiser to not get started at all.

A Solar Eclipse on February 6 and a Lunar Eclipse on August 16 occur in your 9th House of Philosophy and Religion. Both are conjunct Neptune, the planet of ideals and dreams. These eclipses can strip away your illusions about a belief system or a revered teacher. However, a hunger for answers can lure you into following a new spiritual path that may not be all it seems. Connection with the divine does not require a human intermediary or a specific set of doctrines or rituals. If you feel abandoned in your faith or uninspired by your life, don’t look for someone else to show you the way. The magic of metaphysical meaning is all around you — in every cloud, tree, bird and child. If you allow your critical mind to step out of the way, and simply feel yourself in the world, you can experience the sense of communion that you seek.


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You cannot love in seasons. Like choosing weather for your holiday which suits best for your hair and skin.

You cannot decide to chase after a bus after you just missed it, when in fact it has been waiting at the stop for you for plenty of times.

But if you do decide the journey’s worth taking, perhaps the bus is worth running after, in hope that the driver would see you through the mirror on the side. Only you’d rather give up before you even crack a sweat?

Some people don’t follow the rules. Or maybe they’re not worth following.

My lips are sealed. Assume. Let your imagination carry you away.

As people keep blaming and assuming, for the first time, this time, I will NOT explain or defend.

My lips are sealed. Assume. Let your imagination carry you away.

Hide and seek…..

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2009 by sweetylittlebooboo

You run, as fast as you can, almost never looking back.

Then, halfway, you turn around and see what’s behind you.

You run, but you want to be caught.

In the most, funniest way, you want to be run after.

You want to know someone’s actually chasing after you.

You don’t want to be kept as a captive.

If you do get caught, you find new ways to run away.

It’s a little bit like playing “hide and seek”.

You want to hide, in the most secret and hidden places.

You don’t want people to find you too soon.

It takes away the thrill.

But when people take forever to find you, you start to wonder, whether anyone is even searching for you.

What is it that you want, dear human?

I, myself, am that human.

But I too, cannot answer.

Harga sebuah kereta dan ANAK…

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Sepasang suami isteri – seperti pasangan lain di kota-kota besar – meninggalkan anak-anak diasuh pembantu rumah semasa keluar bekerja. Anak tunggal pasangan ini, perempuan berusia tiga setengah tahun.. Bersendirian di rumah dia kerap dibiarkan pembantunya yang sibuk bekerja bermain diluar, tetapi pintu pagar tetap dikunci. Bermainlah dia sama ada berbuai-buai di atas buaian yang dibeli bapanya, ataupun memetik bunga raya, bunga kertas dan lain-lain di laman rumahnya.

Suatu hari dia terjumpa sebatang paku karat. Dia pun melakar simen tempat letak kereta ayahnya tetapi kerana diperbuat daripada marmar, lakaran tidak kelihatan. Dicubanya pada kereta baru ayahnya.

Ya… kerana kereta itu bewarna gelap, lakarannya jelas. Apa lagi kanak-kanak ini pun melakarlah melahirkan kreativitinya. Hari itu bapa dan ibunya bermotosikal ke tempat kerja kerana laluannya sesak sempena perayaan Thaipusam. Penuh sebelah kanan dia beredar ke sebelah kiri kereta. Dilakarnya gambar ibu dan ayahnya, gambarnya sendiri, lukisan ayam, kucing dan sebagainya mengikut imaginasinya. Kejadian itu langsung tak disedari si pembantu rumah.

Pulang petang itu, terkejut badaklah pasangan itu melihat kereta yang baru setahun dibeli dengan bayaran ansuran, berbatik-batik. Si bapa yang belum pun masuk ke rumah terus menjerit, “Siapa punya kerja ni?” Pembantu rumah yang tersentak dengan jeritan itu berlari keluar. Dia juga beristighfar. Mukanya merah padam ketakutan tambah-tambah melihat wajah bengis tuannya. Sekali lagi diajukan pertanyaan keras kepadanya, dia terus mengatakan “Tak tahu… !” “Duduk di rumah sepanjang hari tak tahu, apa kau buat?” herdik si isteri lagi. Si anak yang mendengar suara ayahnya, tiba-tiba berlari keluar dari bilik. Dengan penuh manja dia berkata “Ita buat ayahhh…. cantik kan !” katanya menerkam ayahnya ingin bermanja seperti selalu. Si ayah yang hilang sabar merentap ranting kecil pokok bunga raya di depannya, terus dipukul bertalu-talu tapak tangan anaknya. Si anak yang tak mengerti apa-apa terlolong-lolong kesakitan sekaligus ketakutan.

Puas memukul tapak tangan, si ayah memukul pula belakang tangan anaknya. Si ibu cuma mendiamkan diri, mungkin setuju dan berasa puas dengan hukuman yang dikenakan. Pembantu rumah melopong, tak tahu nak buat apa-apa. Si bapa cukup rakus memukul-mukul tangan kanan dan kemudian tangan kiri anaknya..

Selepas si bapa masuk ke rumah dituruti si ibu, pembantu rumah menggendong anak kecil itu, membawanya ke bilik. Dilihatnya tapak tangan dan belakang tangan si anak kecil calar balar. Pembantu rumah memandikan anak kecil itu. Sambil menyiram air sambil dia menangis. Anak kecil itu pula terjerit-jerit menahan kepedihan sebaik calar-balar itu terkena air. Si pembantu rumah kemudian menidurkan anak kecil itu. Si bapa sengaja membiarkan anak itu tidur bersama pembantu rumah.

Keesokkan harinya, kedua-dua belah tangan si anak bengkak… Pembantu rumah mengadu. “Sapukan minyak gamat tu!” balas tuannya, bapa si anak. Pulang dari kerja, dia tidak melayan anak kecil itu yang menghabiskan masa di bilik pembantu. Si bapa konon mahu mengajar anaknya. Tiga hari berlalu, si ayah langsung tidak menjenguk anaknya sementara si ibu juga begitu tetapi setiap hari bertanya kepada pembantu rumah. “Ita demam…. ” jawap pembantunya ringkas. “Bagi minum panadol tu,” balas si ibu..

Sebelum si ibu masuk bilik tidur dia menjenguk bilik pembantunya. Apabila dilihat anaknya Ita dalam pelukan pembantu rumah, dia menutup semula pintu.

Masuk hari keempat, pembantu rumah memberitahu tuannya bahawa suhu badan Ita terlalu panas. “Petang nanti kita bawa ke klinik. Pukul 5.00 siap” kata majikannya itu. Sampai waktunya si anak yang longlai dibawa ke klinik. Doktor mengarahnya ia dirujuk ke hospital kerana keadaannya serius. Setelah seminggu di wad pediatrik doktor memanggil bapa dan ibu kanak-kanak itu.. “Tiada pilihan..” katanya yang mencadangkan agar kedua-dua tangan kanak-kanak itu dipotong kerana gangren yang terjadi sudah terlalu teruk. “Ia sudah bernanah, demi nyawanya tangan perlu dipotong dari siku ke bawah” kata doktor. Si bapa dan ibu bagaikan terkena halilintar mendengar kata-kata itu. Terasa diri tunggang terbalik, tapi apalah dapat dikatakan. Si ibu meraung merangkul si anak. Dengan berat hati dan lelehan air mata isterinya, si bapa terketar-ketar menandatangani surat kebenaran pembedahan.

Keluar dari bilik pembedahan, selepas ubat bius yang dikenakan habis, si anak menangis kesakitan. Dia juga terpinga-pinga melihat kedua-dua tangannya berbalut putih. Direnung muka ayah dan ibunya. Kemudian ke wajah pembantu rumah. Dia mengerutkan dahi melihat mereka semua menangis.. Dalam seksaan menahan sakit, si anak yang keletah bersuara dalam linangan air mata.. “Abah.. Mama… Ita tak buat lagi. Ita tak mau ayah pukul. Ita tak mau jahat. Ita sayang abah.. sayang mama.” katanya berulang kali membuatkan si ibu gagal menahan rasa. “Ita juga sayang Kak Narti..” katanya memandang wajah pembantu rumah, sekaligus membuatkan gadis dari Surabaya itu meraung seperti histeria.

“Abah.. bagilah balik tangan Ita. Buat apa ambil.. Ita janji tak buat lagi! Ita nak makan macam mana? Nak main macam mana? Ita janji tak conteng kereta lagi,” katanya bertalu-talu. Bagaikan gugur jantung si ibu mendengar kata-kata anaknya. Meraung dia sekuat hati namun takdir yang sudah terjadi, tiada manusia dapat menahannya.


Aku benar-benar cinta….

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Adam – Benar-Benar Lyrics

Sayang, ku benar-benar cinta…

Semalaman ku tak kering mata
Didukung kekabu melapik pilu
Mengharap esok bisa menjanjikan sebuah lembaran baru

Sejak kita berdua berpisah
Aku tak habis-habis gelisah
Apakah itu tandanya bahawa…

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

Semalaman lagi bersendiri
Parahnya diseksa sunyi sepi
Beginikah perasaan pabila kita disisih cinta

Ku sangka ku tabah berdikari
Rupanya rapuh untuk berdiri
Kembalilah kau kepada ku kerana…

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

p/s : my true feeling…. 😦

I’m Sorry :(

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I know for the past few days I have been very irritating, unreasonable and bad when smsing you communicating to you. I understand you are helpless and sometimes cannot take it. You are already handling a lot of web designs, work to do and coming events. I have no excuse to ask you for forgiveness.

I have been studying the whole day and cooled down a lot. Looking into the past photos and recalling the past, I yearn for them to come back, but I know how…

The past few days, I have been very agitated and frustrated at trying to get my feelings and thinking to you and wanted you understand and try to do something for the relationship, I felt very unhappy and angry that things ain’t working. I am totally depressed and angry.

HOWEVER, I still wish you can take up sometimes to read this blog everyday. I have put in a lot of effort trying to tell you about me and trying to make this relationship work. U and I want this relationship work and move on and not quarrel and quarrel. I hope u can do your part by taking just 5mins to read everyday and better write something here so that I can understand you and have things to talk. I want communication between both of us. I repeat. That is what I have been angry for the past few days.

I want to be such a baby to u and communication!
This is all I just wanted! I really don’t understand why u don’t understand what I want. I don’t want what reporting or etc. I don’t feel your sincerity towards our relationship at all except that sms that u tried to assure me. It really touched me. :’)

I apologise for being so impulsive and having a bad tone on u. Hope U and I can cool down and our relationship can continue.

I had 2 nightmares yesterday night, I dreamt u are so engrossed in your work that u forgot about me, leaving me alone somewhere in some place which I dunno. Then I dreamt our relationship cannot move on and I left this place in tears while u found a gf without even saying goodbye.. I woke up in tears just to realise i love you too much… L

Dear, I really wish our relationship can move on. I will watch myself again to make sure that I don’t harm u, but I hope u can do your part in making our relationship move on forward.

You are the only guy that I have tried so hard to accept a guy again. You are the only guy who is worth it for me to put in so much effort.

You are the only guy I want to spend the rest of my life with, taking care of you and loving you.

You are the one and only one…

I’m sorry…