Hide and seek…..

You run, as fast as you can, almost never looking back.

Then, halfway, you turn around and see what’s behind you.

You run, but you want to be caught.

In the most, funniest way, you want to be run after.

You want to know someone’s actually chasing after you.

You don’t want to be kept as a captive.

If you do get caught, you find new ways to run away.

It’s a little bit like playing “hide and seek”.

You want to hide, in the most secret and hidden places.

You don’t want people to find you too soon.

It takes away the thrill.

But when people take forever to find you, you start to wonder, whether anyone is even searching for you.

What is it that you want, dear human?

I, myself, am that human.

But I too, cannot answer.


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