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Posted in Kehidupan Ini, Memori on July 17, 2009 by sweetylittlebooboo

Many years ago, (ok, compared to how long I’ve actually lived on earth, it may not be that long ago 😛 ) I almost lost a friend. Caused by the easiest way to start a cat fight, the traditional “he said, she said”. I said some things I didn’t mean to one person, who “accidentally” slipped it to my friend. My friend, had also said things, she herself also didn’t mean, and that person “accidentally” slipped it to me. A few months after that, I found out that, this “person” had also talked bad about me. This person, had also talked bad about my friend. Which leaves me to conclusion number 1, almost everyone has a bad thing to say about everyone else, whether they mean to or not, intentionally or not, whether they remember it or not. I guess one has to make their own conclusion on this. In my case and in my conclusion (note: my, yours may be different from mine), yes, it was wrong for me to say what I said BUT, I didn’t mean it and I definitely did not want to stop being friends. Yes, it was wrong for my friend to do the same, BUT, she herself did not mean it, and definitely did not want to stop being friends. It was wrong for this person to be the middle person, for first, she too is not any better in sharing what she had sworn to secrecy to other people, and furthermore, had not so nice things to say herself. She did not “accidentally” say it to us with no intention, my friend, on the other hand, said it with no intention. So, I concluded in favour of my friend, and not this other person. I know my friend knows of the bad things this person said about me, and based on knowing she said not so nice things about me (note: without intention though), one might think she would tell me what this person said, out of retaliation. But, although this person almost cost us our friendship, my friend still never decided to tell me on this, not even after what this person said. I still knew it myself though. it only made me to think more. I come to conclusions based on intentions and genuinety (haha, is there even such a word? hihi). But, really it’s hard to confront each and every person who has said un-nice things about you, because let’s face it, almost everyone has bad things to say about the other. Even we ourselves say it. Sometimes people mean it, sometimes people don’t. In my case, I decided to not care what my friend said, or what this other person said. And just leave it as it is. In my opinion, sama je semua. No better, no worse. And I, too, am in no way excluded.

Sometimes, I think I live on the set of The Hills. I’m one of the cast though, that is trying to get away from as much drama or get out of it completely, (I swear, trust me, although I appear to be a drama queen, I don’t like dramas, I’m actually sick of them, kalau berlakon manja2 with my beau, that I do like but I don’t think that’s drama, so again, it comes down to what one defines as drama, everone has their own definition) and probably live in the suburbs, get married, and take care of children. Now, don’t get confused now, I still stand strongly to what I write and believe in all this while. Women should not be EXPECTED to not have a career, become mothers and full time housewives and can’t go for their dreams. If a woman WANTS to become a mother and a housewife, given it is their CHOICE, by all means, go ahead.